It’s been a Year

Hi guys,

How are you?
Seems it’s pretty long for not updating this blog.
The last post was in March 2015, and it’s been a year + 1 month-ish.
So many new stories and experiences to be shared here. But I’m not that sure whether I could remember it or not.

It’s okay, I’ll be writing as what still memorized.
Firstly, I had graduated, it’s in August 2015. Thanks to God for his blessing.
While striving to pursue the degree, I also had some preparations for IELTS.
Yes, as I had stated previously in the last second article, I was dreaming to be able to study abroad. That’s why I need IELTS, catering the application requirement either for university or scholarship.
Shortly, I took the test in July.
And, as you guess, failed, hadn’t met the minimum band score.
Taking one month extra preparation, then re-seat the test.
Thank God, finally reach even beyond the required minimum band score.

After getting the golden ticket (IELTS, red), the next step is preparing for other requirements both from the university and the scholarship.
Motivation letter, essay, medical check-up, etc for instance, some stuffs to be fulfilled.

For the unuversity, I applied to Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands and The University of Edinburgh, in The UK. While for the scholarship, was LPDP from Indonesian goverment. (Hope someday I could write about it)

Shortly (again), in November and December, respectively I got the confirmation that I’ve been admitted at TU Delft and The University of Edinburgh.
Thank God.
And more surprisingly, I finally accepted in LPDP. Praise the Lord.
Hope all is well, I’ll be flying to Delft in this August. Amin.
Need your prayer as well.

Hmmm, sorry for this unsystematical writing.
I’ll be making the better ones later :@
I write this at midnight. I couldn’t sleep yet whereas I need to wake-up early to gowess (cycling) in the morning.
Killing time, so I write. But it didn’t help as much.



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